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28 January 2011 @ 04:07 am
Sales post #1 : Duet  
Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I apologize in advance that I haven's posted the new scans yet, RL is eating me alive.

And sadly, this post doesn't have any scans as well. Rather, it's a sales post. Me and my friend are letting our magazines go because we really need money.

Right now, it is still restricted to Indonesian buyers only because I don't have any good payment method other than bank transfers, but depending on the situation I may consider selling to overseas buyer.

The preview images are Arashi-centric, but I will inform the posters/ pinups inside along with the preview.

Price: @ 50.000,- exclude ongkir 139
Shipping: Tiki JNE.


♫ Silakan cek sendiri di http://www.jne.co.id/ untuk jenis layanan, lama pengiriman dan ongkir.

♫ Karena terbitan 2006-2008, majalah2 ini mostly sulit dicari lagi di sini. Kondisinya masih bagus, binding masih baik dan bonus di dalamnya tidak ada yang diambil :)) Selain itu, ada beberapa majalah yang dibeli di luar negri dan/atau saat harganya masih agak tinggi. Karena itu mohon pengertiannya untuk harga yang saya berikan.

♫ Beli 3 majalah ke atas = FREE ONGKIR JAKARTA

DUET 2006.04 SOLD! ♥

Monthly Arashizm feature: Ohno Satoshi with M.A.D

DUET 2006.05 SOLD! ♥

Monthly Arashizm feature: Aiba Masaki
Pin-up: Sakurai Sho

DUET 2007.03 173

Monthly Arashizm feature: Ohno Satoshi
NEWS shiny pin-up, KAT-TUN 20007.04-2008.03 calendar, Maruyama Ryuhei solocon booklet

DUET 2007.04 173

Monthly Arashizm feature: Sakurai Sho
KAT-TUN stickers & memorial booklet, Kis-My-Ft2 shiny pin-up


There will be more magazines so please stay tuned ^u^
Feel free to comment/ PM me regarding purchases. Thank you very much!

This post will remain public, so feel free to share this link.